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Roof Upgrade Service in Huntington Long Island New York

How do you know that it’s time to upgrade your roof?

Here are some clues: you might have consistent leaks resulting in multiple repairs over time; the overall look and condition of your roof will also hint that an upgrade is required: for example, loose, worn down or broken shingles. Age is also a factor – if the roof is over 25 years old and has never been replaced, it is very likely that it might not last against a devastating storm or natural disaster in the future.

Here at S&O Roofs, we take into consideration all relevant factors to provide you an honest appraisal and inspection; our team of experts knows how to optimize productivity for your roof through careful maintenance and repairs, however we also know when repairs will not be enough. During your free inspection, we will walk you through the process of understanding each step of your roofing project requirements and whether a repair or complete replacement is right for you.

At S&O Roofs, we possess the necessary knowledge, experience and skills for diagnosing and resolving all roof related issues. We promise an honest appraisal with transparency related to our process, and we will work with your budget to provide the best value possible compared to any other roofing contractor on Long Island.

We have decades of experience and we’re confident we can meet your needs: Our company can help with roof upgrade services and add-ons that include: gutters, attic vents, solar powered rooftop fans, antennas and more. We can also assist with detached shed/garage and coordinate to march the roof to that of the main house. Call us to schedule a free consultation today – we look forward to helping you in creating the home of your dreams!

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Over the years, we have provided roofing upgrade services in Huntington long island NY to nearly hundreds of satisfied homeowners. We have a strong track record for performance and our customers can vouch for the services we have provided all over long island. We are the number one choice among customers that need roofing upgrade services in long island NY. Because we stand behind each and every project, we have earned a strong reputation in providing affordable, exceptional quality roofing products and upgrades along with excellent post project customer service

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