We understand your health-related concerns during this pandemic; that is why We offer virtual phone and video estimates based on using the latest satellite and drones to measure your roofs.

Roof inspection

Roof inspection services

S&O roofing and construction is offering roof inspection services in Long Island, NY

S & O Roofing: A renowned name among roof inspectors near you

Be it commercial roof or residential roof inspection service; we fully understand how important roof maintenance is for overall well being a property. A thorough and detailed roof inspection shall help you identify all sorts of problems that need to be tackled right away for a stronger roofing foundation.

We are known for our highest regard to quality work. We use premium quality products and material that leave our customers delighted to see the end result. Our experience and knowledge allows us to complete our projects on time, something that our clients really appreciate.

We know how problems such as missing shingles, roof leaks, sagging roof or growth of moss and plant can deteriorate the health of your roof. Having a considerable amount of experience in this field, we realize how roofs get impaired over time due to weather conditions. Finding the source of leakage can be a difficult task. It might not be a great idea to climb up your roof and start doing it by yourself just to save a few bucks. You might end up locating incorrect sources of leakage. Lastly, debris accumulated on the roof needs to be cleared regularly so that the roof is protected from damage.

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Why should I get roof inspection done from an expert?

Roof is too significant a part of a house or a commercial property to be ignored. Having a professional roof inspector check your roof regularly can help detect problems at an early stage before they get beyond control. Abandoning the roof for a while can greatly reduce the roof’s lifespan. It could even lead to expenses that would be a lot higher than the initial roof inspection cost. It is always prudent to have a certified roof inspector conduct inspection to avoid all sorts of undesirable consequences.

How S&O Roofing and Construction will inspect my roof?

S&O Roofing masters in quality roofing work:

  • We conduct a proper assessment of the roof’s general condition and prepare a report that shows problems identified during the analysis.
  • A detailed evaluation is followed that fully inspects all the parts of the roof.
  • Also, the necessary documentation is done alongside that helps in getting estimation about forthcoming expenses.
  • This type of systematic procedure assists us in planning and scheduling work and benefits our customers to have a clear idea about how the whole process shall be accomplished.
  • Our company gives exclusive attention to leak investigation as it is a very significant component of roof inspection.
  • S&O uses the latest and highly sophisticated technology such as infrared moisture survey to find any moisture infiltration source.
  • Our very aim is to locate the root cause of any problem and fix it from that end. This helps our customers to enjoy long term improvement in their roof’s condition.
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How can I book an appointment?

Trust the expertise of S & O Roofing to handle intricate matters related to roofing competently. Call us today for getting more information on our roof inspection services in Long Island, NY. You can also book an appointment with our online agent to discuss your roofing inspection needs.