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Are you Looking for a roofer in Huntington, NY, that has 30 years of experience and can satisfy all your roofing needs? S&O roofing is here to serve you.

S & O Roofing: Choosing the right roofer

Nothing could be more detrimental than trying to save a few bucks on roofing services. Venturing stunts to repair the roof yourself can turn out to be futile or, for worse, life-threatening. Better not end up risking your own life as well as your property’s. It is most sensible to look out for a reliable, affordable, and quality roofer that better knows the job. Here are some reasons why you should choose professional roofers, like us, that aim to provide superior roofing services:

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  • We rank among the most experienced roofing companies

It would not be a great idea to handover your roof to a rookie. Do your homework by researching well the work experience of the roofing companies. It is most appropriate to hire local roofers in Huntington, NY, aware of the local environmental conditions. You would not regret working with us as we are the most experienced local roofing company.

  • Price is not the only influencing factor

When you are selecting a roofing company, there are a lot of factors you must consider. As technology is evolving fast, there are new and better quality materials and equipment that add to the roof’s strength. That’s why we consider ourselves as one of the best roofers in town because Our latest installation methods and quality equipment help in providing a superior roofing experience to our customers in Huntington, NY.

  • Referrals from friends and family matter

Positive reviews from those who have experienced the services of local roofing companies are critical. Asking for an opinion from those who live in your community can help you make the right decision. We boast an excellent reputation in Huntington, NY, as one of the best local roofing companies. Be it commercial roofing or residential roofing; we always satisfy our customers.

  • Enjoy an extensive warranty

Roofing is a long-term project. Sometimes it would not be until several years pass by that you discover your roof was installed incorrectly. An insufficient warranty would mean you would have to bear all the damages yourself. Hence, opt for S & O Roofing, which is located nearby being always approachable. Along with that, it provides an extensive warranty, giving financial assurance to the clients.

  • Favorable ratings matter a lot

A roofer that ranks well with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) is favorable—having other beneficial ratings also adds to the business’s credibility. Our company enjoys a fair ranking. We aim to upgrade our work methods and processes continually, thereby providing superior customer service.

The best home improvement services in Huntington, NY

We understand how crucial it is to decide on roofing services. Our professional home improvement services and the significant number of patrons speak of our commitment to quality work. We offer a wide variety of roofing services as well as other home improvement jobs. Be it a small job or a complete renovation. We take every customer as a priority.

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  • Roof inspection

We highly recommend regular roof inspection as it can prevent huge damages to the roof and financial losses. We do thorough roof inspection services to identify even the smallest glitch in your roof. Ideally, one must conduct a roof inspection twice a year, every fall and spring, when the roof is exposed to the greatest weather turmoil. We detect the cracks and leaks right in time before they turn disastrous.

  • Roof repairs

We rank among the top local roofers in Huntington, NY. We use the highest grade material and incorporate latest best practices to offer professional roof repair services. Be it emergency roof repair, roof restoration or roof flashing repair, our highly dedicated teams resolve the issue in no time.

  • Roof installation

Roof installation is a long-term project. We take every single step of the whole process very attentively. From choosing the shingles to the final installation, we perform all the tasks most diligently. We make sure we provide the best quality service while being affordable. Our objective is to provide a strong foundation for your property.

  • Commercial roofing

We understand how commercial roofing is different from residential roofing. We have separate teams for the different kinds of projects that specialize in their category. Whether you want a flat roof, low-sloped roof, or a pitched roof, we do it all. We use the best roofing material that leads to massive energy saving for our clients. Our client’s prosperity is ours.

  • Residential roofing

We take pride in our unparalleled residential roofing services. We are one of the most reliable and affordable local roofing companies that complete the project while staying within the client’s budget. We aim to make your roof last longer through our superior residential roofing services and perform better to protect you and your family.

  • Gutter installation

Gutters play a vital role in your home; hence their maintenance is essential. In the absence of proper care and maintenance, they can damage the roof and walls of the house. We offer excellent gutter installation and gutter repair services.

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