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How To Check Roof Deck

What Is Roof Decking and How to Check if Your Roof Deck Needs Replacement

What is roof decking?

Also known as sheathing, roof decking refers to the layer on the roof which serves as the base for nailing roof coverings. It helps to protect the roof.

Roof decking is usually made of wooden material for instance plywood. However, other materials such as metal, cement or concrete are also used to make roof decking. The material used to make roof decking depends on the home and the amount of weight decking is supposed to hold. Roof decking systems play a critical role in strengthening the roof by keeping intact all the structural parts of the roof together.

Roof decking allows a flat surface on the roof stabilizing and protecting it. Even the waterproofing material attaches to the roof decking. Roof decking can rot as the wooden material can get mixed with moisture and heat. To avoid such circumstances, waterproofing membranes are added to roofing decking systems. Along with that, roof decking helps prevent fire or at least reduce its dangers by applying flame retardants on the plywood.

Special and innovative kinds of roof decking systems are available today giving a luxurious homing experience. One such technique is installing radiant barrier roof decking systems. These decking systems have a wooden board on one side and aluminum on the other. This helps prevent heating inside the housekeeping it cool and pleasant during hot summers.

Reasons of damaged roof decking

Water is the main reason why the roof decking rots. There are many ways water can seep through into roof decking system. These include overflowing gutters or spouts, snow buildup during winter, increased humidity, torn flashing around chimneys and old and worn out shingles. Absence of roof ventilation let moisture accumulate slowly rotting away the roof decking.

Inspection of roof decking systems

It is highly recommended that you inspect your roof decking twice a year. Once after the end of summer to investigate the damage caused by excessive heat and then after winter to look out for ice accumulation. Other than this, after the storm, heavy rains or hurricanes inspect your roof to check if there has been any serious damage. The inspection by roofing contractors in New York will help you get an estimate of the cost to replace roof decking.

Signs of a damaged roof decking

One of the biggest signs of a damaged roof decking is a leaking roof. Stained interior walls, peeling wallpaper, cracked paint or spots on the ceiling are all indications of the damaged roof decking. If you notice any of these, inspect the attic immediately. You might discover stained rafters or even the insulation. What is worse is the sight of light passing through holes in the roof.

Another major sign of damaged roof decking is a sagging ceiling or roofline. A soaked or waterlogged decking can lead to a bowed roofline or ceiling.

Missing or curling shingles also indicate damaged roof decking. Other than this, damage around chimneys, pipes or other penetrations also signal damaged roof decking.

Dark streaks that are caused by airborne algae also spoil the look of the roof decking. However, this is not potentially hazardous. You can remove the stains using bleach and water.

Unlike algae, moss growth is much more than a cosmetic concern. It stores moisture and with time during extremely cold weather it damages the shingles.

How to check if your roof deck needs replacement?

All these signs indicate your roof decking needs replacement. It is because a rotted roof decking cannot be repaired. It needs to be replaced. The longer you let the roof rot the bigger the problems. These problems will be more expensive in the long run than the whole cost to replace roof decking.

Before taking the decision get your roof inspected by a qualified roofing contractor. He will help ascertain whether the plywood needs to be replaced or not. The age of the roof is also a good indicator of roof replacement. If your roof has aged for more than 20 years it is high time you get it inspected and get an estimate of roof replacement. Make sure you choose your roofing contractor wisely. An experienced and qualified contractor who uses first-grade materials should be able to bring good to your home. The objective must be to install a long-lasting, durable and effective roof decking system that gives superior