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End Ridge Cap Shingles Guide

A Guide on How to End Ridge Cap Shingles

Ridge Cap Shingles Explained

Since the oldest times, asphalt shingles have been used to protect the roof. Not as strong as metal though, but their easy installation, plentiful availability and cheap price makes them the most widely used shingles across the US. Asphalt shingles come in various colors suiting to different styles of people. If maintained properly, these shingles can last for a long time.

Ridges of the roof are the areas exposed to highest level of stress. They wear off the most. Hence they must be protected effectively. Ridge cap shingles are used to protect these highly sensitive areas. Ridge cap shingles are same as normal shingles. However, their thick and flexible design is specific to cover the ridges of the roof in order to provide effective protection. Their construction enables them to discard debris and water easily. Ridge cap shingles also have greater grip. Their thicker nailing area makes them highly resistant to blow-offs and tears. It is a great way to complete your roofing, allowing a more beautiful look to the exterior of your home.


Importance of Ridge Cap Shingles

Ridge cap shingles are a very crucial component of roofing materials. They help protect the roof peaks from damages caused by water flows. Apart from this high amount of wind and sun exposure at the roof peak makes it vulnerable to damages. Moisture may get accumulated in the roof through peak if it is not protected with the help of ridge cap shingles.

Ridge cap shingles tend to wear off earlier than the rest of the roof. It is because of the high amount of wear and tear they experience compared to other roof parts. Certainly wind, rain and sun all cast their toll over the ridge cap shingles the most. Therefore, replacing ridge cap shingles regularly can help maintain a healthy roof.

How do You Finish Ridge Cap Shingles?

As far as roofing is concerned, applying ridge cap shingles ends the job. When you buy the regular shingles, buy the ridge cap shingles as well. These cap shingles cover the ridges by overlapping on one another.

The process of end ridge cap shingles is very is quite plain and simple. However, it is being carried on the highest part of the roof so you must be very cautious. A dry and less windy day with plentiful sunshine would be most appropriate to install ridge cap shingles. Not only you will be protected from gusty blowing winds but warm temperature would help make the ridge cap shingles more flexible giving an appropriate fit.

Next, find out the wind direction over the ridges. If it is north/south orientation, install the first ridge cap on the southern end whereas, for east/west orientation, the eastern end will receive the first ridge cap. Spread roofing cement on the bottom of the first ridge cap. Now place it centrally on the edge of the ridge, starting from the end of the house. Bend the ridge cap sufficiently so that the ridge is completely covered. Nail the ridge cap in its appropriate place that is approximately 5 ½ inches from the ridge side and 1 inch up from the shingle side. Overlap it with another ridge cap keeping a distance of 5 inches from the first one. This way you will cover the first nail you put. Continue with the nailing procedure all along the ridge keeping 5 ½ inches from the ridge end and 1 inch up from shingle end.

Just like ridge caps, ridge vents prevent water from sneaking its way through the vents. Its unique upside-down “V” design prevents water from entering your house. They also help keep debris, dirt and leaves out. Some high quality ridge vents have mesh screens that keep out insects and rodents as well. If you have to install a ridge vent, fix the ridge caps over the ridge as explained and then put the ridge vent at its place. Make sure that you secure it sufficiently to the roof. Now put another batch of ridge cap shingles on the ridge vent. You can make use of 3-inch nails to help fix the ridge cap shingles tightly.

This is how you can end ridge cap shingles for a perfectly functioning roof. If you find difficulty in replacing ridge cap shingles then you must take help from a roofing company in New York. They can provide you replacement services in cheapest cost.