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Difference Between Asphalt And Architectural Shingles

What is the Difference between Asphalt Shingles and Architectural Shingles

Importance of roof in the structure of house can never be undermined. It provides protection to your house and its residents against any weather-inflicted calamity.

Hence, the decision with regard to roofing construction must be taken with great care and thorough analysis with the help of experienced roofing contractors.

Asphalt shingles

Asphalt shingles are the most commonly used roofing shingles all across the US. It is very easy to install and does not put a dent on your pocket. Asphalt shingles are made using two types of base materials. It can either be organic or fiberglass asphalt shingles.

Organic shingles make base out of natural materials like wood fiber, cellulose or waste paper. The base is then saturated with asphalt leading to waterproof roofing. On the other hand, fiberglass shingles have a base made of glass fiber. Fiberglass shingles have a better quality rating as they are more resistant to damages such as those resulting from fire.

Architectural shingles

Architectural shingles are technologically advanced shingles. They are basically two or more shingles laminated together. Architectural shingles revolutionized the construction industry by bringing in unparalleled aesthetic appeal in roofing construction.
Difference between asphalt shingles and architectural shingles

Which kind of shingles should you opt for your roofing? To answer that you need to weigh architectural shingles pros and cons against the merits and demerits of asphalt shingles. Here are some of the ways asphalt shingles differ from architectural shingles.

1. Appearance:

Asphalt shingles have a standard shape and size characterized by 12 inch wide three separate tabs that are coated with asphalt. They are light weighted and easy to handle.

On the other hand, architectural shingles are available in a variety of shapes and sizes. They are thicker and weigh at least 50% more than asphalt shingles. Architectural shingles depict a more of a multi-dimensional appearance.

2. Replacement requirement:

Another difference between asphalt shingles and architectural shingles is that architectural shingles may not need to be replaced until 30 years or so.

Their thickness and multi-dimensional feature keeps them going on for long periods of time without the need to be replaced. Whereas, asphalt shingles wear off quite earlier due to thinner size.

3. Affordability:

It is very obvious that architectural shingles cost more than asphalt shingles given the materials they are composed of. Architectural shingles cost approximately 40 to 50% more than asphalt shingles. You can get a bundle of asphalt shingle for somewhere between $25 to $30. On the other hand, a bundle of architectural shingles costs between $35 to $45.

4. Durability:

Architectural shingles have greater durability than asphalt shingles. They increase the value of a house by making the roof more durable and protected. On the other hand, asphalt shingles are not as durable and need to be replaced more often.

5. Aesthetic appeal:

People are generally very conscious when it comes to building their own home. In that context, architectural shingles have gained a lot of popularity over the years due to their high aesthetic appeal. Their variety of shapes and size lets people to customize the construction of their roof as per their own taste.

There is a lot of room for adding your own style when using architectural shingles. You can also experiment with different colors and textures using architectural shingles. Architectural shingles also have the ability to give a look similar to that one which is obtained using finest roofing materials such as slate and cedar.

You can also efficiently make use of architectural shingles to hide any defect or shortcomings of your roof. On the other hand, asphalt shingles do not give that much flexibility. They come in a standard shape and size offering a typical look.

6. Resistance power:

Given the amount of weight and thickness architectural shingles have, they are better able to resist high speed winds and heavy rainfall. They can easily resist winds blowing at a speed of 80-120 mph. on the other hand; thinner and light-weighted asphalt shingles can handle wind speed up to 60 mph.

Are architectural shingles better than asphalt shingles?

A detailed analysis of architectural shingles pros and cons can help us answer whether architectural shingles are better than asphalt shingles. Asphalt shingles are more useful for those who are constrained by budget.

However, if you have a fat budget, are particular about the aesthetic appeal of your home and keen on increasing value of your house then architectural shingles should be your option.