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Choose Roof Color For Brick House

Roofing Decisions – How to Choose Roof Color for Brick House

Why choose roof color?

People are becoming more and aesthetics conscious nowadays. They pay careful attention to how the exterior of their house looks like. Roof is the most important part of your home exterior. It is the first thing that catches attention when someone looks at the house. It reflects the style statement of your house, be it contemporary and chic or antique and grandiose. It may be subtle and unpretentious or bold and spectacular. Whatever you want to reflect to the viewer, the roof of your house can be used aptly to communicate. Therefore even the minutest details must be worked through carefully when it comes to roofing.

Roof color is one such important factor. It brings life to your house and lets it shine brightly in the neighborhood if chosen wisely. It sets the hues for the rest of your house including porch, backyard or any other area. A well-coordinated color scheme will create a feel of synchronization amongst the building materials and different parts of the house. Hence you must know how to choose roof color for brick house to increase its attractiveness.

Tips to choose roof colors


1. Focus on color coordination

When you hire an interior designer or set to the task of decorating the home yourself, you are very particular that flooring, cabinets, walls and countertops all are well coordinated to give an appealing sight to eyes. Same goes for roof colors. You must look for an appealing contrast that highlights siding and shutters very well. For example, if the siding color is red, the best roof colors would be darker tones such as black, grey, dark green or brown.

2. Use color blends appropriately

For plain sidings, a blended color pattern of roof would be required to make it look attractive. Whereas, a siding of various colors would require a multiple shaded or color-blended roof to give a striking contrast.

3. Focus on creating visual balance

Different home types require different hues of roof colors to achieve the desired balance in the overall appearance. For homes that have multiple levels darker color roofs optimize the height of the house to the best. Medium colors do well with ranch homes.

4. Sync with architectural setting

Home’s architectural design is a crucial factor that helps choose roof color. Black or dark toned roofs go well with traditional houses. Colonial or Victorian houses look great with solid shades such as black and grey. On the other hand, a house nestled nicely by the woods calls for green or brownish green shingles to complement with the environmental settings. A white house by pristine blue beach would look even more attractive with blue roof. A Mediterranean, Spanish or French County inspired house would look spectacular with rusty reds and hues of orange on the roof.

The structure of roof also impacts how to choose roof color. Roofs with steeper slopes have higher roof visibility from the ground level asking for greater attention to how the roof looks like. Therefore you must be even more careful how your roof complements with the house’s architectural setting.

5. Use weather-appropriate colors

Focus on aesthetics alone would render no substantial benefits as far as living is concerned. You must ensure comfort and ease of living is also given due importance. For warmer climates light colored shingles would help keep temperature cooler. On the other hand, areas that receive high amount of snowfall would be better off with dark colored shingles to keep the home warm and cozy.

6. Make use of apps and software to visualize different color schemes

Thanks to advancement in technology, many shingle manufacturers have online tools and apps that allow you to visualize how your house would look like with different color schemes. Some of such resources that allow you to experiment with different color shingles include Owens Corning Design EyeQ, CertainTeed ColorView, IKO Roofviewer and ColorCoach. You can select the materials and color schemes to work on your house. When the virtual project is completed based on your preferences you can save the project and use it for reference when placing the order in real.

For choosing the right roof color, you must take help from best roofing companies. This may help you in taking right decision and choose best colors for your roof.