We understand your health-related concerns during this pandemic; that is why We offer virtual phone and video estimates based on using the latest satellite and drones to measure your roofs.

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Unlike the usual roofing contractors’ free estimate, we give a lot of convenience to our customers. We give the opportunity of getting a roof repair estimate online. All you have to do is provide your residential or commercial address and your roofing needs. You would be required to give a detailed description of the problem you are facing. Some pictures of your roof might also be helpful. Our technologically advanced system allows us to get your roof size, and based on your requirements, get an accurate estimate. We provide different options along with estimates within a day for the prospect to choose from. Once the prospect confirms his roofing choice, we send our team of professionals to get the job done. We assess the roof and other relevant areas such as the attic, chimneys, and ceiling depicting problems.

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Your roof repair estimate entails everything needed to take care of your roof

Roofing companies with free estimates often conceal much information at the time of giving a quote. At S & O Roofing and construction, we do not have any hidden charges. Our quotes are very much accurate, clearly outlining the particular heads that will incur costs.

Here are some of the usual costs that make up the roof repair estimate.

  • Material cost

We use the highest grade material that gives a long-lasting and strong roof. We partner with some of the best brands in the roofing industry, such as Owens Corning and GAF. The customer can also tell the brand and material preference for the roofing job.

  • Cleanup cost

A roofing job requires plenty of removals of debris and discarded material. Sometimes we even have to rent a dumpster or hire the services of waste hauling. The estimate includes this cost as well.

  • Permits

Our roofing job is in compliance with local city codes and permits. The estimate includes the cost of obtaining and upgrading the permits.

  • Insurance and licensing cost

Our roofing jobs are licensed. Along with that, we also provide liability insurance and workers’ compensation. These costs also contribute to roof repair estimates.

  • Other important information

We also inform the client of the payment terms, payment options, and estimated time of job completion, and details of personnel responsible for different aspects of the job.

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Comparison of our quotes with other roofing companies: -

Roofing companies with free estimates often give lucrative but misleading quotes and incomplete information. At S & O Roofing, we practice the highest professionalism and consumer ethics by giving the most accurate quotes. We do not make our prospects wait for days before reverting to them with a roof repair estimate. Our efficient work processes, coupled with experienced roofing contractors and high-quality materials, justify the estimate to perfection. Our roofing experts also give our clients helpful advice to get better quality work while saving their money. Likewise, if we notice that other pressing needs must be addressed during the course of a repair, we discuss this with our clients and get the work done.