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Commercial roofing

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Why do I need professional commercial roofing services?

Commercial roofing is way more complex than residential roofing. Be it an institution, a public place, corporate building or a factory; the strength and safety of the construction depend highly on a well-functioning, defect-free roof. Commercial roofing services become even more critical when the building is a public property which is visited by people, such as a popular tourist landmark. Therefore, it is certainly not advisable to put the reputation of a company, the country or the state at risk by not carefully choosing amongst the commercial roofing contractors.

S&O Roofing-services you can rely on

S&O Roofing is a reliable name providing quality commercial roofing services. We provide optimum solutions to our clients that are in line with their budgets and render extremely beneficial results. As one of the most proficient commercial roofing companies we have highly skilled employees who work wholeheartedly to satisfy the clients with top-notch work quality. From the smallest of commercial roofing problems to complete roof replacement, we provide all sorts of services with utmost professionalism. We incorporate the latest technological developments into our processes and work methods that lead to higher customer satisfaction. We aim to deliver long-lasting and sustainable benefits to our clients through our superior commercial roofing services.

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Ideal commercial roof restoration service

One of our most popular commercial roofing services includes roof restoration. We work with virtually every kind of roofing system, be it asphalt, PVC, rubber, foam, metal and TPO. Roof restoration is comparatively more affordable than a complete roof replacement. It saves labor cost, disposal cost and tear-off cost. Moreover it gives the opportunity to continue with business operations while commercial roof repair work is being done.

Best choice for commercial roof replacement

In some cases when roof replacement gets inevitable it is better to go for one. Our team of experts guides our clients whether they should go for a replacement or restoration. However if considerable damage is done to the roof for example after disastrous fire or storm, commercial roof replacement becomes a must. We install all kinds of roofing system including PVC, TPO, metal, flat and rubber. We use the highest grade materials that promise great energy efficiency, increased lifespan of the roof and greater aesthetic appeal.

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Additional services

Apart from these major services, we also deal in any kind of issue arising with commercial roofing. Our services include: –

Leak investigation and repair

Leak in a commercial roof cannot be left unattended. This could lead to serious unwanted consequences. We conduct highly professional investigations throughout the roofing system to detect source of leaks and repair them effectively.

Commercial roof inspection and maintenance

Commercial and industrial roofing systems must undergo regular inspection and maintenance services in order to increase lifespan of the roof. It also allows the identification of potential problems. Early detection can resolve an issue before it gets severe.

Emergency repair services

Sometimes when a calamity strikes such as a fire or weather-inflicted disaster it tends to leave one shaken and greatly perturbed. You need a reliable service provider to get the repair done as soon as possible so that the commercial property is back in working condition. S & O Roofing provides exceptional emergency repair services to commercial buildings and properties.