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How much does it cost to clean a roof?

We all are aware of how the exterior of the house serves the purpose of presentation. If it has cracks, stains, or dirt, our impression goes down and it looks like a mess. It also includes our roof, which we usually neglect and think that it is just open to dirt. But the reality is that our house roof is prey to a lot more than just dust or debris.

The natural elements like algae, fungus, lichen, and moss are the reason for dark stains and green patches on the roof. The natural rainfall cannot clear these stains or patches since it is only good enough to remove dirt. So your house roof needs special attention towards its cleaning to last long and serve as a shelter for you.

How roof maintenance can help?

Algae is the source of gloecapsa magma or GM, which is a bacterium that can damage the limestone and asphalt roofing particularly, in the shaded, cool and moist areas. Coming on to lichens, they are the blend of algae and fungus. They are tough to remove and can go under shingles organic, oil base for nurture.

To add one more name in the list of threats to a house roof comes the name of moss. Moss is a plant and can grow on the house roof. All of these natural elements can contribute to shingle deterioration and wood rot which can seriously damage the roof.

This can prove to be very expensive for the house owners since they are only left with an option of roof replacement if moss, algae, or lichen continue to grow. This makes it necessary for the house owners to carry out proper maintenance of their roof.

They need to clean their roofs more often if they don’t want themselves to get in a situation where one will have only one option left, which is way too costly. The estimates for a single-story house roof replacement can range between $8,500 to $16,500.

What are the effects and causes?

Things which most of the house owners do not take seriously can prove to be very harmful to themselves. Usually, algae, moss, and lichen on the roof are taken lightly and this negligence is the sole reason for the effects which will be discussed further.

GM algae can consume away the shingles as they serve themselves with asphalt and limestone. Algae stains absorb heat, which produces high heat in the attic, thus reducing the lifespan of shingles. The colonies of lichen form pockmarks and ruin shingles.

Moss proves to be more dangerous since it lifts the edges of shingles. Furthermore, moss becomes detrimental in winters as it holds in moisture which allows it to freeze in cold. This damages the shingle even more and is often considered as the first sign for roof replacement. Moss also possess the ability to divert water which causes wood rot and leaks in the roof deck.

One problem is that a common house owner can observe the moss growth but not the wood rot. Wood rot can adversely affect the roof because it supports mould growth which is not baneful in terms of roof life but it can also affect the homeowner and their pets or birds.

Animals like squirrels who roam over the roof chew the wood of the roof. The roof which is already rotten makes it way easier for these animals to bore through.

What is the treatment?

The treatment to solve all the problems is roof cleaning. Moreover, the professional roof cleaning can help instead of doing it yourself. This is the way to go if you want to extend the life of your roof.

There are many cleaning companies in the United States and you can get a professional from any such company. But you must go for a professional from a company which follows the removal methods and processes, recommended by Roof Cleaning Institute of America and Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association (ARMA).

The professionals from such companies possess special equipment which does not damage shingles, unlike high-pressure washers. These companies also use biodegradable cleaning solution instead of using any solution that can harm plants and the environment.

According to ARMA, the biodegradable chemical cleaning process can eradicate the growth of algae, moss, and lichen if it is used frequently in space of every 18 to 36 months.

The problems discussed above indicate that house owners can get in a tricky situation if they do not take proper care of their roof. In particular, the maintenance of a house roof is necessary.

And one should do it if he does not want to spend a huge amount of money on roof replacement every now and then.