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Facts that you must know about flat roofing

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Flat roofing is gaining immense popularity in NYC with each passing day. And there are many reasons for that. In case you missed out on some interesting facts about flat roofing, we have listed some of them below.

Flat roofs are not that flat!

Surprisingly, flat roofs are not exactly flat. The immaculate engineering of the roofs makes them appear flat, however, beneath the layers, there is a slope. They have a gentle slope to let the water drain. Otherwise, draining rainwater and snowmelt would be a problem for flat roofs. To be precise, at every measurement of 12 inches, the slope rises by about 0.25 inches.

Make the most beautiful gardens on your flat roofs:

Picture your breakfast table nestled in a garden surrounded by small shrubs, trees, and plants from where you can pick cherry tomatoes, basil leaves, and any other herb that you are fond of. This beautiful garden can be your terrace, thanks to flat roofing!

Flat roofers give a complete manual for building a roof garden. Some roofers also provide the service of building a vegetative roof system that allows for proper green growth and an effective water drainage system. Nowadays people are building more roof gardens to combat global warming and other environmental problems. More greenery means less pollution which is why the environmentalists strongly advocate flat roofs. 

Flat roofs keep homes cool:

Flat roofs come with special materials such as UV reflective coating that keeps the inside of the home cool. They save utility costs, for example, air-conditioning bills. Also, they keep the environment safer through lesser harmful gases emission.

Flat roofs call for professional maintenance:

Once you decide to opt for a flat roofing system choose the roofer very carefully. The roofing company must be qualified and experienced enough to install a flat roof professionally. Some roofers claim to be experts at flat roofing systems but as the work progresses, they start to show their shortcomings. Such an experience causes a lot of distress and financial loss. To avoid such a misfortune, check on your roofer’s expertise thoroughly. 

Keep away birds from your flat roof!:

Bird droppings are lethal for any kind of roofing. But in the case of flat roofs, they are even more dangerous. The acidic content corrodes the covering of the roof, leading to water leakages. Make sure you keep the birds away from the roof to prevent repair costs. 

Flat roofs last longer:

Flat roofs are last longer than their other roofing counterparts. Get regular roof inspections from a certified roofer to detect any emerging issues. By taking timely measures to maintain your roof, you can extend its useful life up to more than twenty years. 

Flat roofs are space-friendly:

Space constraint is the biggest issue in today’s urban planning. Flat roofs yet again prove their merit by being extremely space-friendly. Sloping roofs create unutilized space in the form of wooden beams that hold up the roof. On the contrary, flat roofs create minimum dead space. Even these dead spaces serve purposes, for example, installation of HVAC systems, roof garden, terrace, or anything else. 

Flat roofs are cost-effective:

The labor cost, the complexity of the roofing system, and the materials cost make up the total cost of a roofing system. Flat roofs use highly efficient installation techniques and building materials that are budget-friendly. Hence flat roofs are less expensive than other roofing systems.

Commercial properties use flat roofs:

When it comes to commercial roofing, money is a key factor. Businesses examine in-depth how to minimize costs and increase profitability. In this regard, they have every reason to install flat roofs. Installation cost is lesser for flat roofs. Also, they are more energy-efficient, saving huge sums of money on heating and cooling. They also facilitate the installation of the HVAC system. Commercial buildings can effectively use the flat rooftop through myriad options. Hence, most commercial builders opt for flat roofing systems.

Solar panels work effectively on flat roofs:

Given the huge popularity of flat roofs, there are solar panel systems that have specific features and mechanisms applicable for a flat roof. These are low-cost solar panels. Places that receive as much as 200 days of sunshine annually can benefit greatly from these solar panels on flat roofs. By scaffolding for rooftop equipment such as air-conditioning, they can improve their efficiency even more. Solar panels for residential roofing allow people to save huge sums of money. 

These were some interesting facts about the eco-friendly flat roofing systems.